June 5 — June 8, 2014

Look beyond conventional learning & development. Join us at Crossover Edinburgh 2014, the first event of its kind, bringing together HR and L&D professionals with the designers and developers of training platforms and products. Learn about future trends in workforce development across industry sectors.

Lee Dunn

“ There are very few opportunities for the academic and commercial worlds to connect in this way ” - Lee Dunn

Programme Leader Education and Technology BTechEd , The University of Glasgow

HR or L&D Training Professional?

Dynamic Earth


Thursday, June 5 at Dynamic Earth

You’ll learn how to use technology to run more effective and cost efficient training programs, and manage the workforce in your organisation.

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Entrepreneur, Developer or Designer?

Assembly Roxy

Product Forge

Friday June 6 — June 8 at Assembly Roxy

You’ll meet new people and build a new learning technology product over a weekend, with a chance to secure cash investment to develop your idea further.

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